• Syntek became the first IC design company in Far East.
  • Successfully designed 5 EGA ICs and authorized TI to produce them.
  • Ranked ninth among all the companies in the Hsin-Chu Science-Based Industrial Park.
Year 1989
  • Announced the approval of the company’s public stock issuance.
Year 1990
  • Received letter with the approval of the company’s OTC listing,with Securities & Futures Commission reference number (79)-1-02761.
Year 1991
  • Commenced official OTC listing.
Year 2000
  • Moved Hsin-Chu headquarters to a new factory building with an area of 34488.5 square feet.
  • Purchased land for a design center building in Nei-hu of Taipei city.
Year 2002
  • USB 2.0 DSC controller IC was approved by the official USB user forum.


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