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Syntek's microcontrollers are powered by various CPU cores, i.e. RISC, 4T-8051, and 1T-8051. They are specially designed for the applications of low cost, of noise immunity, and of high performance. The hardware functions include IIC, SPI, UART, ADC, PWM, DAC, LCD driver, Timer, Watchdog, Low-voltage detector, OP Amplifier, Band-gap, and power switch.

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Datasheet :
STK6031 DataSheet (20091009)
STK6032 Datasheet (20100819)
STK6033 Datasheet (20100819)
STK6037 Datasheet
STK60516 Datasheet
STK6054 Datasheet
STK60M11 Datasheet

ISP Tool :
SYNTEK UISP tool setup V1.1
SYNTEK UISP tool setup V1.2
SYNTEK UISP tool user guide V1.1
SYNTEK UISP tool user guide V1.1a 1203
Application Notes :
How to add STK603X into Keil Device Database
IAP Sample Code 20081127
STK6031 KeliC header file
STK6032 KeliC header file
STK6033 KeliC header file
STK6054 KeliC header file

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